Complete Rebrand for the North Coast Regional District

North Coast Regional District Brand Identity

In Summer 2017, we partnered with the North Coast Regional District (NCRD) to develop a new corporate brand for the region.

The Regional District had recently gone through a name change, from Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District to North Coast Regional District, and a comprehensive rebranding project was initiated to support this change.

NCRD wanted to create a meaningful corporate brand to reflect the region while taking into account the unique geographical, cultural, and environmental characteristics of the area.

Goals of the new brand identity were to:

  • Strengthen brand recognition
  • Differentiate NCRD from surrounding areas
  • Create a consistent message
  • Promote a connection between residents and nature
  • Attract new business, tourists and residents

To help us reach these goals, we travelled to Prince Rupert and conducted in-depth discovery meetings and stakeholder engagement sessions to familiarize ourselves with the region.

We used these learnings to conduct a comprehensive rebrand process, including the development of a brand promise, brand vision, brand story, and audience profile. From there, we created the main identity for the NCRD as well as three associated sub-brand designs for Haida Gwaii Recreation, Mainland Recycling, and Island Solid Waste.

NCRD’s final brand identity uses a concept of land meeting water and the imagery of salmon to differentiate the region while hinting at the NCRD’s historical significance, tourism, and unique geography. It also uses bold colours and the shape of the salmon to reflect the importance of nature within the NCRD and to emphasize the lifestyle of the area.

To complement the new brand identity, we designed and developed a new website for the NCRD—one of the many brand implementations we completed for this project.

The new municipal website, just recently launched at, is a public-facing showcase of the region’s exciting new identity and provides a platform for the NCRD to better communicate with its residents and visitors.

This was an exciting project for the Upanup team and we are happy to have helped the NCRD transform their new identity into something they can be proud of.

Are you looking to refresh your company or organizations brand identity? Let us know, we’d love to help.

February 14th, 2018
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