Clarification for Media Reports Regarding Oak Bay Online Security


Today one of our clients, the District of Oak Bay, has been letting people know that security on one of their online services was recently compromised. The local media has picked up on the story, and unfortunately some of the reports, particularly the headlines, make it look like it was the main district site that we built and manage for Oak Bay that was compromised. This was not the case, and we felt it important to clarify as such.

The security breach was with a separately hosted and managed site at This is a third party service known as MyDistrict or MyCity, which Oak Bay uses for specific online transactions such as claiming home owner grants, paying tickets and paying licenses.

Here is a link to a Vancouver Sun article about the same issue effecting West Vancouver and Abbotsford that is more clear in terms of pinpointing where the security issue was: West Vancouver says personal info may have been compromised in data breach: District says data not copied in unauthorized access to server.

Oak Bay's notice regarding the issue can be accessed on the main Oak Bay site.

By Peter Knapp
CEO & Lead Strategist
August 2nd, 2013
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