The City of Colwood: Streamlining Internal Processes

Last year, the City of Colwood, a long-time Upanup client, asked us to develop a tool that would allow businesses to renew their business licenses online. The City was planning to eliminate business license fees and they wanted to create an efficient renewal process to coincide with the change and replace the antiquated systems of the past.  

After 10 months in operation, the City has found much success with their new process. Below is a small case study outlining the challenge, solution and impact of integrating the new business renewal tool onto

The Challenge

The City was using a paper system for their business license renewals and had no database for local businesses.

The Solution

To make it easy for business owners to renew their business licenses online and to allow the City to capture relevant information, Upanup developed an Online Business Renewal System.

Online Business Renewal System:

  • Creates quick mechanism for business logins and renewals
  • Generates an email database, capturing information and creating a streamlined system for the City
  • Generates business insights to report on economic development

The Impact

This renewal system has helped 478 of the 516 businesses in the City’s system to renew their license online in 2017. In addition to reducing red tape for local businesses, this new system reduces the amount of administrative work required to process business licenses and creates an efficient and cost-effective renewal process for the future. It also improves the City’s ability to communicate directly with business owners and creates a better online experience for users.

“The Colwood business renewal database process was definitely a success! We received a significant amount of positive feedback from business owners who appreciated the quick and easy online renewal system… Any improvements or small kinks that needed to be worked out once administrative staff started using the system were dealt with quickly by the Upanup team.” – Sandra Russell, City of Colwood

We love helping our clients develop solutions to maximize efficiencies, and we especially love when these solutions bring our clients success.

If you’re looking to develop a solution to help streamline internal processes at your organization, contact us today.

By Amanda Hemingway
Marketing & Communications
October 2nd, 2017
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