The Apple Allowance

Apple Allowance

So, it's official, the new iPad is a popular device. Shocking, right? With 3,000,000 units sold in just the first three days of release, the new iPad and its achingly beautiful retina display screen continues to affirm that the 'tablet' market is actually an 'iPad' market and that Android-, Blackberry-, and Windows-powered tablets have a huge uphill climb ahead of themselves if they want to compete against Apple's behemoth. You might even be reading this blog post on an Apple device, whether it's one of the new iPads, an iPhone or a Mac.

Around the Upanup offices, there are a few of us who are Apple fans to the core (er... no pun intended). We're not alone in this enthusiasm, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at "The Apple Allowance," a baseline examination of just what it takes to make sure you always own Apple's latest-and-greatest yearly releases.

So, a bit of groundwork to lay before I begin:

  • I chose the middle-of-the-road pricing option for products when available
  • I've split the products into two categories: annual upgrades and bi-annual upgrades
  • The bi-Annual cost has been divided by two, to compensate for the yearly Apple Cycle
  • These prices are based on those found at the official Apple Store
  • To calculate tax, I've used the tax rate of my home province at the time this article was written, 12%
  • I'm assuming a bi-weekly or semi-monthly paycheque

So, then, the fun part.

Annual Upgrades Bi-Annual Upgrades
Product Price Product Price
iPad (32GB/Wifi) $599 Macbook Pro (15") $1799
iPhone (32GB) $299 Macbook Applecare $349
iPhone Case $29 Apple TV $99
App Allowance $150 iWork Suite $79
OSX Update $29  
  Bi-Annual Total $2326
Annual Total $1106 Bi-Annual Total/2 $1163


  Sub-total $2269
  Tax $272.28
  Total $2541.28
  Per Pay Cheque $105.89


So, in conclusion, it looks like you'd better be setting aside about a hundred and six bucks from every paycheque if you want to keep up with Apple, or double the cost of a decent life insurance. Not a cheap lifestyle, but, for many it's become almost a religion! Do you keep up with Apple? Just update every couple of years when you need to? Or have you yet to fall under Apple's spell (and, if so, have you seen the new iPad screen? Egads!)?

Aidan Moher
By Aidan Moher
Web Designer
March 29th, 2012
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