Which Open-Source CMS To Use?

The evolution of the Content Management System (CMS) has been fast and furious over the past ten years. As it stands now, there are three open-source CMS platforms that are dominating the usage stats. They are Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress. Let’s call them the Big 3.

When it comes to the top one million sites on the web according the Quantcast, more than 80 per cent of those using a CMS are using one of the Big 3. To break it down further, 62.4 percent use WordPress, 11.5 per cent use Drupal and 8.8 per cent use Joomla. These stats show up on Builtwith, and were calculated as of January 2012.

In taking a look around at our peers and competitors, we’ve noticed that it’s not uncommon for agencies to become a ‘Drupal-shop,’ a ‘Joomla-shop,’ or a ‘WordPress-shop.’ From the get-go, Upanup’s technical recruitment strategy was explicitly devised in hopes of providing an expert, yet broad solution-base in all three of these technologies.


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