Development Soars to a Gold W3 Award

It’s spread its wings, and we couldn’t be prouder. Viking, launched by Upanup in June, has been awarded a Gold W3 Award.

Released in tandem with Viking’s celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Twin Otter, the website pays homage to both the de Havilland legacy and Viking’s future-forward, global marketplace. Crafted with a mobile-first approach, Viking’s responsive, touch-friendly design speaks to the company’s highly mobile audiences and workforce.

What makes special?

It’s smart.

Integration with the company’s client relationship management systems allows for the capture of user behaviour data that can be used for continual refinements to search engine optimization and marketing along with internal sales processes. Interactive maps make finding your nearest sales contact a no-brainer.

New Greater Victoria Harbour Authority Website Brings the Harbour Experience to You


Earlier this month not-for-profit society Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) released a new website that supports their vision for a memorable harbour experience through an updated look, enhanced usability features and dedicated space to share their stories.

Focused on providing GVHA stakeholders with vital information, the site is designed to improve visitor experience through clean design and prominent navigation. Communication between GVHA and their many stakeholders is also brought to the fore with the prominent "I want to” and “Talk to us” menus. 

The interactive map, which provides an at-a-glance view of GVHA’s numerous properties and amenities, allows users to explore the areas most relevant to them. Inclusion of a weather widget, a must for harbour users, makes weather data accessible from every page in the website.

Not Mobile Friendly? Google Search Likes You Less.

Google is at it again. “Mobilegeddon,” Google search's newest algorithm change will reward mobile friendly sites with higher search rankings, while downgrading those that are not. With 60% of Google searches taking place on smartphones (which are now used by almost half of all Canadians in 2014) this change signals Google’s intention to reward not just relevancy, but user experience.

Upanup Assists With New Customer Portal for FortisBC

At Upanup we're happy to work with great people at FortisBC who care passionately about providing their natural gas and electricity customers with great experiences online and in person. One of the many projects we have worked with them on is a revamp of the Account Online interface, just recently posted live. Through user experience testing, usability analysis, interface design and QA reviews we were able to collaboratively arrive at a solution that works for stakeholders and users. Congratulations to our friends at FortisBC.

Improving Google Rankings, The First Step: Organic Search, Channel Report

At Upanup we work with companies to help with search engine optimization, which in layman's terms means improving Google rankings. This is an ongoing task that requires consistent efforts to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition. The very first step of search engine optimization is setting up a tool to track the visitor statistics on a site, and getting regular reports that determine strategy and monitor progress.

Google Analytics is the most accessible and popular of several free and paid tools available for tracking your website's traffic. To assist those that are new to the world of search engine optimization, we have outlined below the steps to obtain a basic Organic Search Channel report once you have Google Analytics up and running.

Getting a Basic Organic Search Channel Report Automatically Emailed

1. Make sure you're on the Reporting tab on the top menu.

Google Analytics reporting tab

Proactively Dealing with Heartbleed for our Clients

Earlier this week, security researchers discovered a vulnerability in the open-source OpenSSL encryption software. You may have heard about this vulnerability, called “Heartbleed", as news has spread worldwide with many prominent web services taking action.

OpenSSL is cryptographic software that secures private communication on websites through the HTTPS protocol and is reportedly in use on roughly two thirds of websites. It is important to be clear that the bug affects only certain versions of the software (1.0.1 and 1.0.2-beta releases, with 1.0.1g being the patched version).

Upanup Studios manages a number of different web servers for our internal use and hosting our clients' websites and apps. A number of these use OpenSSL, although in most cases we weren't using the affected version. In these cases, for the majority of our clients we have assurance that the vulnerability was not exploited. Regardless, we are actively re-keying SSL certificates and upgrading OpenSSL (where possible) as a precautionary measure.

Let's Have Fun: HTML5 & CSS3 Edition

Ask any web developer about HTML5 and CSS3 and they'll have an endless list of superlatives about how great they are. They're foundational tools for building websites. They make websites look good, they make websites responsive, they make websites interactive experiences, rather than long blocks of static text like a book or magazine. They define what the web is and can be. And, well, we're easily excited by those possibilities.

How we Launched More Than 50 Websites in the Past Two Months

50+ Websites launched by UpanupOn top of the large website and rebrand for the City of Colwood, the mobile site for Amica Mature Lifestyles, the brochure site for Gray Line Transportation (Sightseeing Victoria), the public company site for Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust, and a few splash sites for Brevia Energy and SunOne Developments, we also launched 45 official school websites for the Greater Victoria Sc


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