Is website anxiety holding you back?

Anxiety, fear and stress can dramatically interfere with problem-solving abilities. These feelings can trigger a "fight or flight" response, shutting down the part of your brain than is responsible for flexible thinking. Nobody likes those feelings and most of us do our best to avoid such situations. 

For example, have you ever said or heard someone exclaim, "I'm not cut out for math.” Does that sound familiar? The truth is we all have the same capability to do math, but some of us have Math Anxiety that we’ve held since our days in school. At some point during the childhood or young adult development, there is an event related to math that reinforces and triggers anxiety and stress when asked to do math later in life, making it harder at that moment for that person to think clearly and excel.

Upanup Has Game From The Outset

Website Launched for Outset Media May 25, 2012 – Upanup Studios is pleased to have developed and launched an interactive website for Outset Media (, a prominent board game and puzzle maker based in Victoria, BC. The site, launched with more than 400 unique URLs, is completely customized and interactive, targeting end-users and retailers of Outset’s products.

The site was built utilizing the Drupal open-source content management system (CMS) which, along with Wordpress and Joomla, is one of the three major CMS's that Upanup typically considers for website development.

Upanup designed the site to be responsive to various platforms. This means the design aesthetic, navigation and usability is optimized whether somebody is viewing the site on an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Other features of Outset Media's new CMS website include scalable product-listing management, customizable forms, editable feature banners, photo library management, a video feed and several other admin-friendly content tools.

Upanup Wins "Best in Class" Interactive Media Award

And now some shameless self-promotion:

Upanup Studios is pleased to announce that we have received a "Best in Class" award from the judges of The Interactive Media Awards™ (IMA). Chosen from among 350+ international entrants, Upanup appears to be one of only eight companies to receive the "Best in Class" award in the highly competitive category of "Web Design/Development." This is awarded only to those websites that the IMA judges score higher than 480/500.

The IMAs "recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and honor individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement," and are open to international "individuals and organizations involved in designing, developing, managing, supporting and promoting websites." Upanup is proud to have achieved a perfect or almost perfect score in each of the five categories that the judges consider. The categories, and our scores, are:

The New iPad and the Burden of Being Apple

Now that Apple has penetrated almost everyone's life in one way or another (iPhones, iPods, iPads, iMacs, eMacs (shout out!), iClouds, MacBooks, iTunes, iPhoto, iYou-name-it, etc.), we expect a lot from the industry giant.  Queue the new iPad (aka iPad 3) release expected today, and it's already being met with indignations of "modesty" and, worse yet, the potential for "disappointment".

    These modest improvements are rumoured to be:

    1. Faster processing
    2. More RAM
    3. A sharp retina-display (doubling the resolution)
    4. A camera upgrade
    5. 4G LTE network capabilities

    I can safely assume that most iPad users depend on wifi connectivity and therefore the LTE network feature isn't earth-shattering, but I believe the other upgrades are very noteworthy.

    Digital Studio Chooses Victoria

    Upanup Studios Launched by Award-Winning Entrepreneur

    Victoria, BC.  A new company has hit the ground running in Cook Street Village in Victoria. Upanup Studios is a digital agency that offers high-end web strategy, programming, development and design.

    Upanup takes advantage of Victoria’s tech talent and the region’s appeal for talented creative professionals to live and work. The company is set to provide a range of high-end web design solutions to companies and organizations in the Pacific Northwest United States and Western Canada.

    What makes Upanup stand out is that although it just started, it is already approaching ten employees and has systems in place to handle large clients. It also has a founder in Peter Knapp who had notable business success elsewhere in Canada prior to arriving in Victoria last year.

    Upandup, UpnUp, Up&up, Up and up

    We move fast around here. So fast that we don't have time for a silly D in our name. Upanup is all one word and it is pronounced exactly the way it looks.

    The urban dictionary provides a few definitions for upanup:

    • To be raised, be heightened, go up
    • Indicating an increase in quantity
    • Being honest.

    Those definitions suit us and our values very well. However, for those who insist on calling us Upandup Studios, Up And Up, UpnUp  or Up & Up Studios, we're pretty happy with the definition of "on the up and up" which is as follows:

    An International Branding Appeal

    Living in the age of the World Wide Web has provided access to more information and reach for both consumers and companies than ever before. For businesses small and large, understanding how to optimize local search engine results is crucial, however, understanding this on an international level may be just as important.

    An Internet search in Vancouver for a shopping mall, telecommunication company, bank or travel agency will yield very different results with the exact same search done in New York. For the consumer, the benefit is having the most relevant information appear, saving them both time and effort. The company also benefits from having the right target market access your information in the right geographic areas.

    The challenge then presents itself when a company wants to have international appeal and attact business from across borderlines. Potential customers may be across the globe and a localized search may harm the international business’s reach and appeal. Developing strategies to overcome this obstacle will assist in rapidly growing a company’s international brand.


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