Upanup Wins Awards and Adds to Its Team

Upanup Studios is pleased to announce recent work has gained international recognition with one gold and two silver Communicator Awards. Upanup is also happy to welcome new staff to its team of communications, design and development professionals.

The website Upanup designed and built for West Fraser won gold in the Mobile Site Business category and silver in the Corporate Communications Category. The Oak Bay Municipal website won silver in the Government Websites category.

One Gold and Two Silvers for Upanup at the 2013 Communicator Awards

Upanup is excited to announce that some of our recent work has been recognized with one gold and two silver Communicator Awards. The West Fraser website won gold in the Mobile Site Business category and silver in the Corporate Communications Category. The Oak Bay Municipal website won silver in the Government Websites category.

We launched the West Fraser site in March 2013 and succeeded in creating a website that upheld West Fraser’s traditional values and brand while at the same time providing clear messages to customers, potential employees and investors. As one of Canada’s largest timber companies with more than 7,000 employees, it was imperative that we made the site highly usable for the multitude of visitors to navigate to the section of the site that is relevant to their needs. The entire West Fraser website is optimized for all mobile devices as the site was developed with responsive design.

Industry-Leading Website Launched for Company with More Than 7,000 Employees and $3.5 Billion Market Cap

Upanup Studios, a premium provider of website and digital communication solutions, is proud to announce the launch of a new corporate website for West Fraser.

West Fraser is one of Canada’s leading forestry companies, ranking 12th in BC’s Top 100 Companies listed by 2011 Revenue (as ranked by BC Business, July 3, 2012). West Fraser’s market capitalization has increased approximately twofold in the past year to more than $3.5 billion. West Fraser is also listed as one of Canada’s top 100 employers for 2013, an impressive feat for a company that employs more than 7,000 employees across 37 locations in North America.

The focus for West Fraser’s new website is to ensure that multiple audiences are easily able to navigate to areas of interest whilst providing quality interactive content throughout the site. Three key areas of the website are careers, products and investor relations as featured on the homepage.

We're looking to hire exceptional web talent

We're growing at Upanup and we're looking to add some talent to our team. We're looking for exceptionally talented people that can provide the kind of world-class creative digital solutions that we're providing to our clients. If you know somebody who has the talent, a great attitude and wants to work in a fun yet professional office in beautiful Cook Street Village, Victoria, please send them our way.

Here is a link to our latest job postings.

An Upanup Year

I realize it's only just December and perhaps a little early for the annual retrospective, but Upanup recently celebrated the anniversary of our incorporation and I can't help but reminisce about 2012. It was a year in which we went from making our first cold calls to getting busy providing full-service solutions for a wide range of great clients.

Making Websites Mobile Friendly Without Sacrifice

Mobile browsing is on the upanup (pun intended) and at a staggering rate. At the beginning of the year, overall mobile site traffic on average had jumped to 10%.  As we head into the new year companies are starting to see mobile visits to be climbing towards the 20% of total site traffic. There is no denying the rapid increase of mobile browsing and the growing need to have a mobile friendly website.

Considering the fact that 85% of Canadians are phone subscribers and 45% of those have smartphones this should come as no real surprise. What is surprising is the lack of awareness companies and businesses have when it comes to making their site mobile friendly. It may seem like a daunting, time consuming and expensive project, but it doesn’t have to be. Oak Bay Responsive Design

Platinum and Gold MarCom Awards for Upanup

Upanup is pleased to have received notification from Marcom that we won platinum for the Return-it mobile website in the Mobile Website category, and gold for the TPC Financial website in the Professional Services category.

The Return-it mobile site was jointly designed by Encorp Pacific staff and our creative team, and developed at Upanup in conjunction with Stargate. It effectively displays the Return-it website in a mobile friendly format across multiple devices. The site incorporates maps, find a location near you, tables and social media integration.

The TPC Financial website was designed and developed at Upanup. The site promotes TPC’s services and incorporates an e-commerce solution for online book sales. The use of clear imagery, calls-to-action and online forms assisted in reaching the goals for TPC Financial.

Silver for Upanup & Outset Media at Davey Awards

We're pleased to have received notification today that we won a silver award for the Outset Media website in the toy/hobby category.The site was jointly designed by Outset staff and our creative team, and developed at Upanup using Drupal content management system. It effectively promotes Outset's brand and profiles hundreds of Outset's products. The site incorporates a great deal of imagery, videos and a blog by the founder of the company. 

The Davey Awards are the largest and most prestigious awards competition exclusively for the "Davids" of creativity.

How much does a website cost?

People often want to know how much a website will cost. They usually understand that there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer, but still it is a question that needs to be answered early-on when somebody is looking into it.

Like many things in life, the cost of website creation can vary widely. There are a few analogies that come to mind in terms of cost variances - getting a house built, getting dinner at a restaurant, finding a hotel room. The cost of all these things ranges greatly depending on the specifics involved.

One simple analogy we can all relate to is getting your hair done - whether it be a cut, a style, highlights, or you-name-it. Getting your hair done can range by hundreds, if not thousands, of percentage points depending on your specific needs, the quality of service you are after, and the level of expertise you are comfortable with. It also depends on the stakes involved in the outcome - a hairdo you get before your wedding is much more critical than a hairdo you get prior to heading off to the cottage.

Saying Goodbye To Your Baby

Today marks the first day of school for many children, teenagers, young adults and adults across the country. I don't have children myself, but a few of my co-workers do and they spent some time swapping war stories about their kids' first days of school. It got me thinking about the products we build at Upanup, and the nature of creative projects in general, and how the creators form a bond with the products, similar to a parent's bond with their children, and that launching those websites is a lot like sending children off on their first day of pre-school or kindergarten, except with less crying and heartbreak, and more high-fives and celebratory beverages.


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