Designing a Website to Attract International Students to Canada

From the beginning, Upanup’s purpose has been to make the world a better place by improving communication and interaction among individuals and organizations. That’s why our partnership with the Victoria International School Programs (VISP) – an organization that connects students from around the world through high-quality international education programs – was such a natural fit. 

Our team is excited to announce the recent launch of the Victoria International School Programs website, designed to be accessed in different languages around the world.  

Vernon Connect: The Power of a Customized Municipal App

Perhaps the greatest opportunity that arises from a municipal website redesign is the chance to re-engage with the public, delivering information that citizens need alongside news and alerts that can have an impact across the community. The City of Vernon’s website has helped to do just that, and with the launch of its Vernon Connect app in the App Store and Google Play this month, the City now has another tool to connect with citizens.

Vernon Connect arose from the City’s desire to implement push notifications for important events, emergencies, and other information of immediate value to the public. Having recently built the new City of Vernon site using a custom implementation of Drupal, Upanup proposed an application integrated with the Drupal API, which would streamline the publication of content and give the site’s owners complete control over which information appears on the app.

New Municipal Website for the Comox Valley Regional District

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new municipal website for the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD), an engaging new tool for the District to communicate with its residents. 

The CVRD’s main goal for this municipal site was to create an intuitive and streamlined experience for users. In the past, users felt locating information on the site was time-consuming and the functionality was lacking compared to other municipal websites—causing many to leave immediately upon arrival. Because of this, the CVRD wanted to ensure their new site was effectively designed and developed to be accessible and easy to navigate while also extremely user-friendly for staff to update. 

In order to reach this goal, we kept the new site image-focused and applied a variety of UX design strategies to ensure users could efficiently access information through intuitive navigation features. 

Complete Rebrand for the North Coast Regional District

In Summer 2017, we partnered with the North Coast Regional District (NCRD) to develop a new corporate brand for the region.

The Regional District had recently gone through a name change, from Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District to North Coast Regional District, and a comprehensive rebranding project was initiated to support this change.

NCRD wanted to create a meaningful corporate brand to reflect the region while taking into account the unique geographical, cultural, and environmental characteristics of the area.

Goals of the new brand identity were to:

  • Strengthen brand recognition
  • Differentiate NCRD from surrounding areas
  • Create a consistent message
  • Promote a connection between residents and nature
  • Attract new business, tourists and residents

To help us reach these goals, we travelled to Prince Rupert and conducted in-depth discovery meetings and stakeholder engagement sessions to familiarize ourselves with the region.

Helping the City of Surrey Attract Investors with

In June 2017, we partnered with the City of Surrey to create an innovative, engaging online platform to attract and promote investment opportunities in the region.

After five months of both teams working diligently to produce a final product, we’re excited to announce the launch of

This project was initiated by the City in hopes to strengthen Surrey’s brand as an investment-friendly destination.

Goals for this project were to:

Interactive User Experiences Lead to Award-Winning Solutions

At Upanup we’re all about the user. Every website we design and develop focuses on optimizing the user experience and enhancing usability through intuitive, user-friendly solutions. We pride ourselves in the online experiences we create and when we’re recognized for our efforts, we can’t help but get a little excited.

This week we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the recently launched—a site designed exclusively around enhancing the user experience—has won a Platinum dotCOMM award. Not only is this the first dotCOMM award for Upanup, but it is also the first time we’ve been recognized for our work in the tourism industry.

Upanup's new Calgary office is taking shape!

Over the last few months, we've been working diligently trying to find a home for our new office in Calgary. Now, thanks to our team on the ground in YYC, we've found a space and the renos have begun! Check into the Upanup Facebook page for reno photos and updates. 

In order to fill this new space, we're also looking to add a Web Designer and an Account Manager/Business Development Representative to our Calgary team. If you are talented in providing creative digital and brand solutions and you'd like to work in this brand new Calgary office, contact us! We’d love to get to know you.

More info on Upanup YYC coming soon. Stay tuned!


Creating Customized, Integrated Solutions for

We’re happy to announce has officially set sail! is the primary host of the cruise ship schedule for Victoria B.C.'s Ogden Point Terminal, the busiest cruise ship port-of-call in Canada. As the first digital point of contact for visitors arriving by ship, it was essential keep information up-to-date and be as user-friendly as possible.

By creating custom integration with MailChimp and the Western Stevedoring schedule database, Ogden Point ship schedules can now be seamlessly updated and added to the Victoria Cruise website, and emailed to the appropriate mailing list members, with the click of a button. Allowing those operating out of the Ogden Point docks to seamlessly coordinate their schedules and provide interested parties with up-to-date information. is just another example of how Upanup combines custom design and development, with intuitive site navigation and functional designs to create effective and engaging experiences for users.

Upanup Wins Gold for New Kelowna Airport Site

2017 has got off to a great start. Along with launching two major websites, hiring two new employees, and working on several exciting new projects, we’ve also been recognized for another AVA Digital Award, making it an even eight AVA award total for Upanup.

This year, has been honoured with a gold AVA award for exceeding the high standards of the industry norm in website design. This marks the second award win for the newly launched website, which was honoured with an Arcturus award from the Vega Digital Awards in late 2016.

The AVA Digital Awards honour, “the evolving ways and means that we engage our audiences through the creative convergence of digital arts, technology and information,” and we’re proud to have produced an informational site that does just that. By using effective, clear designs, with intuitive technologies that allow for integration between multiple sites and software, we’ve created a reliable resource for Kelowna airport passengers and tenants alike. 

Upanup wins 11 website design awards in 2016

Upanup is pleased to report another year of growth and production success in 2016, meaning we need to make room on our award wall to highlight more digital masterpieces. For its size, Upanup is a top award-winning digital agency in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

In 2016 we continued our growth, adding some great clients and talent to our team, and we picked up another 11 international awards. The awards come from various competitions through the year - W3 Awards, Davey Awards, Marcom Awards, AVA Awards and Communicator Awards. Since 2012, Upanup’s digital design and development work has now garnered 44 international awards, the most of any digital or marketing agency based in Victoria.


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