The Town of the Blue Mountains’ New Website and Built-In Engagement Tool

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Walking in the Township of the Blue Mountains.

The Town of the Blue Mountains revamped their municipal website,, to meet the needs of citizens, businesses, and millions of yearly visitors. This area continues to expand with various business and commercial hubs including the Blue Mountain Village, Thornbury, and Clarksburg. The Town encouraged input from the public throughout their website redesign and continues to gather feedback for continuous improvements.
The Town of the Blue Mountains (population approx. 9,300) is located in southwestern Ontario and is known as Ontario’s number one, four-season recreation destination with its local ski hill, beautiful lake views, excellent restaurants, and much more. Upanup worked closely with the Town's project team to create a communications tool that would act as a useful initial touchpoint for the public and provide valuable local information through unique content. The new "Current Projects & Initiatives" page enables residents to get involved and stay up to date on new projects through features like the project status bar and online engagement opportunities. After the launch of the new website, there was a 119% increase in visits to this page, as it's now easier for website visitors to easily find key information on all current projects in the municipality. View the tool in action below! 

In the month following the launch of the new website, there was a 21% increase in the number of website sessions over the same period in 2020 and a 96% decrease in the use of the site search function, suggesting more users are visiting the site and it has more intuitive navigation (fewer users need to use the site search to find what they're looking for).

"Alongside the Town of the Blue Mountains' team, we created a highly effective website that has already brought value to their community. We are excited to continue assisting the Town and expect other municipalities may also be interested in the unique user-focused tools we incorporated into this website. "

Peter Knapp

Upanup's CEO


The Town's modern website has many other features that enhance their users' experience, some of these include: 

  • Custom User Experiences - To provide users with a customized experience and reduce the amount of time spent looking for information, the website allows users to identify as a resident, visitor, or business to see homepage content most relevant for that user type.
  • Call to Action (CTA) Footer - The footer for the Town's new website highlights different engagement options such as subscribing, connecting on social media, or reporting an issue directly on the website.
  • Community Events - Local residents and businesses can add an event to be approved and included in the community calendar. They apply directly on the website through a webform that follows the Town's internal workflows to create efficiencies.  
  • Council Meeting Pop-up - When a live Council meeting stream is taking place a pop-up is displayed on the homepage to encourage users to join the meeting and get involved with their community.

Upanup is a growing provider of website solutions to more than 50 municipal governments to date. Upanup builds websites to WCAG 2.1. AA accessibility standards to exceed the Accessibility of Ontarians Disability Act (AODA) requirements. The company leverages knowledge of user experience (UX) to take a user-first approach and provide municipalities with websites that will serve them and their communities for many years to come.
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