Municipal Apps

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Mobile governance (aka m-governance) is a part of e-governance and ensures that electronic services are available to users on their mobile devices. Governments are recognizing the many benefits associated with mobile apps, including the enhanced communication between the municipality and its audiences.

Our municipal apps include the following features: 

  • Emergency notifications—Push notification to inform residents of local emergencies like forest fires 
  • Push notifications—Push notifications can keep residents updated on the specific content they choose (e.g. events or news posts)  
  • Event calendar—Users can easily browse upcoming and past events throughout the municipality and add these events to their calendar 
  • Council meetings—Meeting agendas, minutes, and videos can be viewed and downloaded on the app to keep residents and businesses up to date on municipal news
  • News items—Users can stay up to date on local happenings by checking the news posts from their mobile devices   
  • Report a problem—Residents can respond to local issues (like potholes) when they are on-the-go 
  • Branding—A municipal app will reflect your communities brand guidelines so that it resonates with your audience and seamlessly matches the website   
  • Easy management—We connect the apps we create to our clients' websites so updates on your website will be reflected on the app, creating efficiencies for their internal team    
Penticton and Vernon app screenshots

A municipal app provides governments with additional opportunities to connect with their audiences and increase engagement. Users are more likely to read information and complete actions within an app that has a streamlined process and a mobile-first user interface. 

Reduced paperwork, phone calls, and manual interventions will result from offering a municipal app that can streamline internal workflows. Increased engagement doesn't have to result in an increased workload for staff. 

View our project with the City of Penticton that involved a website redesign, and app design and release. If you would like to learn more about mobile apps for municipalities and our offerings contact us today